Among the Nations EP

by Badminton Road

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“Declare His glory among the nations, His marvellous deeds among all peoples!” - Psalm 96:3

What started out as an idea to record SMBC’s Centenary Song morphed into this: a 30-minute, six-track EP of songs from the college community, 21 band contributors, 19 languages, recorded over 7 days in the studio and at college. We dare not boast in our own achievements though – it is our Father who loves us, Christ who saves us, and the Spirit who empowers us for “every good endeavour”.

We hope you’ll enjoy these songs, and be spurred to live and proclaim the good news of Christ among the nations.

Grateful for you,

The Badminton Road team


released November 22, 2019

Produced by Michael Carpenter
Executive Producer: William HC
Tracks Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Michael Carpenter at Love Hz Studios (Sydney, Australia)

Jeremy Tam, JK, Ch Linke, RG, Heidi, Andrew H, Matt Lo, BA, Ian Patterson, Geoff Harper, WD, Rosie Brehaut, Yohanna, Andrew Sporle, Alex Jones, Veronica Williams, R&D Patterson, Shermara F, Josh & Ali Reeve, Davo Gunning, Edward Peng, Catherine Davis, Agnes S, Rebecca F, Chandra Smith, Scott Lavender, Rich Vassallo, Trevor Hodge, Andy Bell, Bob Kauflin, Bekah Scrufari, Grace Nixon, Stuart Coulton.

© 2019 by Badminton Road Music. All rights reserved. Unauthorised distribution is a violation of applicable laws.


all rights reserved



Badminton Road Sydney, Australia

Friends from Sydney Missionary Bible College. We make music to magnify Jesus and bless His church around the world.

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Track Name: Crown Him With Many Crowns
Crown Him with many crowns
The Lamb upon His throne
Hark how the heavenly anthem drowns
All music but its own
Awake my soul and sing
Of Him who died for thee
And hail Him as thy matchless King
Through all eternity

Crown Him the Lord of life
Who triumphed o'er the grave
And rose victorious in the strife
For those He came to save
His glories now we sing
Who died and rose on high
Who died eternal life to bring
And lives that death may die

Crown Him the Lord of love
Behold His hands and side
Rich wounds yet visible above
In beauty glorified
No angel in the sky
Can fully bear that sight
But downward bends each burning eye
At mysteries so bright

Crown Him the Lord of peace
Whose power a sceptre sways
From pole to pole that wars may cease
And all be prayer and praise
His reign shall know no end
And round His pierced feet
Fair flowers of paradise extend
Their fragrance ever sweet

Crown Him the Lord of years
The Potentate of time
Creator of the rolling spheres
Ineffably sublime
All hail Redeemer hail
For Thou hast died for me
Thy praise shall never never fail
Throughout eternity

Music by George Job Elvey
Words by Godfrey Thring, Matthew Bridges
Public Domain
Track Name: Remember (feat. Matt Lo)
Be quiet now, my soul
Be still, my heart and know
That the God of all the earth, he loves you so.

He looks on you with love
And guards you from above
He holds you in his arms and won't let go

So my soul, won't you remember
The one who cares for you
The things you need are at his feet
And he's waiting here for you
Yeah, he's waiting here for you

Be still my heart and see
The hands that fashioned thee
Impaled by steel and hanging from a tree

He draws his final breath
And enters into death
And takes the fate that once was meant for you

So my soul, won't you remember
The one who died for you
He yearns to be the one you seek
And he won't give up on you

So my soul won't you remember
The price he paid for you
For you were saved to bring him praise
And to know how much he loves you
Don't you know how much he loves you

Remember now how lost you used to be
Remember how your Saviour set you free
Remember now the person you're to be
Remember now the home that waits for thee

Be quiet now, my soul.
Be still, my heart and know
That the God of all the earth, he loves you so

Words and music: Matt Lo
© 2019 Badminton Road Music (adm. by Sydney Missionary Bible College). CCLI Song # 7138612.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Track Name: You Are The God Who Saves Me (feat. Samantha Gempton)
All day and Night I cry for You
Allow my prayer before You
Incline Your ear to hear my plight
Lord turn Your gaze to me
See my weary hands like shadows
Touching death itself
I breathe the dust of misery
My soul has had its fill

Where is Your voice in this darkness?
Lord are You faithful to me?
Where is Your love that You promise?
You are the God who saves me

You send me out, abandon me
To deep despair, forgotten
You drown my screams with ceaseless waves
And pin me down with wrath
Blind and chained with griefs and sorrows
Near my grave from youth
Oblivion I call my home
With shame to sooth my fears

Will Your assaults and horrors heal?
Your praise swell while You slay me?
Shall I proclaim Your righteousness
If all I love are lost?
Lord, why turn Your back and shun me?
Where are You my God?
Your terrors strike and flood with doubt
And darkness is my friend

Words and music: Nick Freestone
© 2016 Nick Freestone Music (adm. by Nick Freestone). CCLI Song # 7071501. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Track Name: Love, You Will Not Let Me Go
Love You will not let me go
In You I rest my weary soul
I give You back the life I owe
That in Your oceans deep
It may richer and fuller be

Light You guide me all my ways
To You I yield my flick’ring torch
My heart restores its borrowed ray
That in Your sunshine’s blaze
It may brighter and fairer be

Jesus Christ take my life
Take everything I do
Be my faith be my sight
I’m holding on to You

Joy You seek me in my pain
To You I cannot close my heart
I trace the rainbow through the rain
And hold Your promise sure
That the morning shall tearless be

Cross You lifted up my head
From You I dare not ask to fly
You put my sin and shame to death
And from the empty tomb
Blossoms life to eternity

Have my heart make it bright
Have every breath I breathe
Be my guide be my light
In the valley where I live

Words: George Matheson (1842–1906), Public Domain
Alt. words, new words and music: Brian Leung
© 2017 Badminton Road Music (adm. by Sydney Missionary Bible College). CCLI Song # 7138611.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Track Name: We Will Declare Your Glory
Brought out of darkness and into the light
Sent to a world that is blinded by night
We are yours
Called by the gospel and led by our King
Truth in our mouths and your Spirit within
We are yours
Saved by your grace
You have made us to live for your praise

Martyrs and missionaries answering your call
Ready to sacrifice giving up all
We are yours
Trusting in Jesus despising the shame
There is salvation in no other name
We are yours
Ransomed to serve
As we long for our Saviour’s return

We will declare your glory among the nations
We will proclaim your greatness in every land
Until the trumpet sounds and all the earth resounds
With the praises of the Lamb

Safe in your armour we pray for the Day
Strengthened by Scripture rejoicing always
We are yours
Grateful in plenty content in our need
Willing to suffer repenting of greed
We are yours
Not for our sake but the sake of your holy name

We will declare your glory among the nations
We will proclaim your greatness in every land
Until the trumpet sounds and all the earth resounds
With the praises of the Lamb

We will declare your glory among the nations
We will proclaim your mercy from shore to shore
‘Til every knee shall bow and every tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord
Jesus Christ is Lord

Words: Rob Smith
© 2016 Rob Smith (adm. by Rob Smith).
CCLI Song # 7091576.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Track Name: Behold our God - World Edition (feat. SMBC Friends)
Larim haus blong God i ken pulap long hamamas
Larim haus blong God i ken pulap long hamamas…

Who has held the oceans in His hands?
Who has numbered every grain of sand?
Kings and nations tremble at His voice
All creation rises to rejoice


Lihatlah Tuhan kita, duduk di takhta-Nya
Mari puji Dia
Lihatlah Raja kita, tiada bandingan
Mari puji Dia!

Qui sonde l’esprit de l’Eternel ?
Qui sait l’éclairer de ses conseils ?
Qui peut s’opposer au Tout-Puissant ?
Et cerner l’étendue de ses plans ?

Féach ár nDia! Ar a ríchathaoir
Tar is tugaimid adhradh!
Féach ár rí! Níl faic cosúil leis
Tar is tugaimid adhradh!

[한글 / KOREAN]
누가 십자가 고통 알까
나의 모든 죄 짐을 지고
무덤까지 낮아지신 왕
예수그리스도 다스리시네

ہمارے خدا کو دیکھو
تخت پر تخت نشین
آؤ اُسے سجدا کریں
ہمارے بادشاہ کو دیکھو
جِسکا ثانی نہیں
آؤ اُسے سجدا کریں

हेर हाम्रो परमेश्वर सिंहासनमा विराजमान
आउ उनलाई पुजौं
हेर हाम्रो राजा अतुलनीय
आउ उनको आराधना गरौं

[CENTRAL ASIAN] Sen abadiy hukmronsan!
[РУССКИЙ] Царствуешь во-веки!
[SWAHILI] Tawale milele!
[FRANÇAIS] (Que ta gloire remplisse la terre)
[МОНГОЛ] Та мөнхийн мөнх хаанчилна!
[BAHASA] (Mulialah Kau Tuhan!)
[日本語] 統べ治める!
[한글] (주의 영광 온 땅에!)
[ESPAÑOL] ¡Reinarás por siempre!
[PORTUGUÊS] Reinarás pra sempre!
[GAEILGE] (Go líonfar an domhan le d'ghlóir)
[华语] 你掌權到永遠 !
[廣東話] (揚主光輝布滿地!)

You will reign forever! (Let Your glory fill the earth!)

Behold our God! Seated on His throne
Come let us adore Him
Behold our King nothing can compare
Come let us adore Him!

Music and words by Jonathan Baird, Meghan Baird, Ryan Baird, and Stephen Altrogge. © 2011 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)/Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI). Sovereign Grace Music, a division of Sovereign Grace Churches. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Administrated worldwide at, excluding the UK which is adm. by Integrity Music, part of the David C Cook family. CCLI Song # 5937510.

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